Context is everything. 文脈(コンテクスト)って大事だよね


文脈 = context (コンテクスト)とはある地点に行き着くまでのアプローチ。同じ結論に達するとしてもいくつかの行き方がある。見せ方、考え方、視点と同じだ。そして文脈によっては以外に大きな違いが出る場合もあり、とても大事な要素となり得るのだ。そんな事を考えさせられたエピソードを紹介。

Mental map: 頭の中の地図

I have a good metal map of the forest around our house. But once I go out of the boundary, the state forest can be monotonous and I can easily be lost.


Completely lost: 完全に迷う

One day I was so turned around completely that I thought I would end up staying overnight in the forest as it was getting dark. Panicked, I sat down and looked back the direction where I came. Then suddenly the strange forest became the place where I knew.


How did I got here? どうやってここに到達したのか?

I had come back into my boundary, but because I got there from the unfamiliar direction, I failed to see the familiarity. I was struck by the fact that the same thing could look so different depending on how you got there.


context = perspective 文脈 = 視点

The episode illustrated how contexts could be very important. A story can be told in many ways, and it can give the readers various impressions. In this sense, a context is a perspective. We should be aware of contexts when we see things in life.



Turned around = 方向感覚を失う

end up 〜 = 〜と言うことになる

struck by 〜 = 〜に打たれる = 感銘を受ける = 実感する

denpend on 〜 = 〜次第 depend の記事を参考