Driving out of country: アメリカ田舎住まいとドライブ


Driving is definitely the American way of life. Especially when you live in a rural place you end up in driving long distances whatever you do.


Today’s schedule: 今日の予定

Today we drove to Cannon Beach first. I was to drop off my artwork at an art gallery for the coming show. Then drove to the next town, Seaside to do the full grocery shopping at Safeway. (A west coast grocery chain).



Driving distance: 走行距離

The total distance we drove was 44.2 miles = 71 kilometers. It is about the distance between Tokyo station and Yokosuka. For us, this was the usual local shopping and a bit of business trip. When we go to Portland, it will be 70 miles, 112 km. It is like from Tokyo to Atami.

今日の走行距離は合計44.2マイル、約71キロ。東京駅から横須賀ぐらいの距離だ。 いつもの地元の買い物と少しのビジネスの用事。ポートランドに行くとなると70マイル、112キロ。東京から熱海ぐらいか。

How you feel is different: どう感じるかは違う

There are not so many traffic lights around here. Today, We went through 2 traffic lights. There are countless traffic lights between Tokyo and Yokosuka. So it is hard to compare these trips in the context. But we do drive a lot just to go to our usual grocery store.

この辺には信号があまりない。今日は信号は2回通っただけ。東京と横須賀の間には数えきれない数の信号があるだろう。 だからそんな車での旅を、状況を踏まえて比較するのは難しい。だけれど、僕らが食料を買いに出かけるだけでかなり運転すことには変わりはない。

Combining trips: 用事をまとめる

So we try to combine errands together on one day. We carefully make schedules to maximize our time and fuel efficiency. Also, we don’t commute every day. But to live rural in America generally means driving longer than average.

と言うわけで、僕らは複数の用事をまとめて一日で済ますようにする。時間や燃料の消費を最も効率よくするために綿密に計画を立てるわけだ。 それに僕らは毎日通勤するわけではない。でも大体はアメリカの田舎に住むと言う事は平均より長く運転することになるのだ。