Fire the wood stove: 薪ストーヴ始動ーアメリカ山生活


Our main heat source for the house is a wood stove. It is wonderful to see fire in the living room and super warm. But it’s a lot of work to keep it going.


Firewood: 薪

We need a lot of firewood. We probably use three cords of firewood for a season. The price of a cord of wood is about 180 to 200 dollars. You can also buy a permit from the county forestry department to collect firewood by yourself after logging operation. I cut fallen trees in our property.

薪はかなり必要。一冬に約3コード(1コード=4フィート x 4フィート x 8フィート)は必要。値段は180ドル〜200ドル。郡の森林局で伐採の後の場所で薪を集める許可を買って自分で集めることもできる。ウチでは周りの倒れた木で薪を作る。

Chopping wood: 薪割り

When the pieces of wood are a little dry and the wood grains are straight, it is easy to chop them and it can be satisfying. Also to see the stacked up firewood gives me a sense of accomplishment.


Bringing wood to the house: 薪を家に運ぶ

I feel like I am constantly bringing in firewood during the winter. It is a good exercise to carry a bundle of chopped wood and also a good excuse to go out to see the night sky or just feel the night. Well, I am a slave to the fire.


How many times does it warm you up?: 何回体が暖まる?

You get warm (and sweaty) when you get firewood first of all, then again when you chop them. And finally when you burn them. Thus firewood warms your (and possibly somebody’s) body three times. Of course, the cats love the woodstove. We gage the temperature according to our cat’s body position–when they are stretched out, it is warm enough.

木を集める時、そして薪を割る時、最後に燃やす時、 合計三回体が(誰かの体が)暖まるのだ。もちろん猫は薪ストーブが大好きだ。猫のポーズで温度が分かる。伸びきっている時は十分暖かいのだ。

It is not the best thing for environment: 環境的にはベストではない。

In terms of carbon footprint, burning wood for whatever reason isn’t ideal. But we use the woodstove because the resource is right there in our yard and the electricity is pretty expensive out here. I do see that it is starting to seem like a primitive way to heat your house by building a fire inside your home. But it is really enjoyable to have a whole house warmed up by the fire stove.

カーボンで環境を汚すと言う点では どんな理由でも薪を燃やすのは理想的ではない。でも資源がすぐ庭にあり、山の中の電気代は高いこともあって、薪ストーヴを使うのだ。家の中で火を起こして暖をとる、というのも最近では原始的と見なされるのではあろう。まあしかし薪ストーヴで家全体が暖かくなるのは本当に良いものである。