Freedom and the healthcare in America:アメリカのヘルスケアーと自由について


It is said that American healthcare is much poorer comparing to other countries. It makes me feel desperate when I hear some actual situations of my acquaintances,


In the case of Bob’s wife: ボブの奥さんの場合

The wife of my friend, Bob, can’t get out of her bed except for going to the bathroom. She hurt her back a half-year ago and now she needs to have surgeries to replace both of her knees. But in order to have the surgeries she needs to lose her weight. She weighs 400 pounds and she is in her mid-fifties.

僕の知人のボブの奥さんは、トイレに行く時以外はベッドから出られない。腰を半年前に痛めた後、今度は両膝を手術する必要があると言う。しかしそのためには体重を減らさないと不可能らしい。ちなみに彼女の体重は400パウンド(181 kg)。年齢は50代の半ば。

Bedridden: ベットから起きられない

She can’t excise. She needs help of 3 or 4 people to get out of her house in wheelchair to go to the hospital. Now Bob, who works full-time, needs to do everything around the house and take care of his wife. He has never cooked in his life, let alone cooking balanced healthy meals.


Systematic problems: 組織的な問題

Of course her decisions in life led to this situation. But we need to consider the systematic failures such as the food culture, education, available food in stores, and the medical practices that address drugs and surgeries but not the fundamental problems. The system generates so much profit only for a small group of people at the expense of the rest.



Health and Freedom: 健康と自由

Now Bob’s wife completely depends on the system. There is not a bit of freedom. I posted a couple of articles on dependency and freedom. This story brings home the fact that the health is fundamental for our freedom.