Freedom, that’s what is all about. 自由がすべてだ

American road エッセイ

To me, being free is one of the most important things in my life. But freedom does have a price.


independence = freedom:  独立=自由

As I talked about the word “depend” in the last post, you need to be independent in order to be free. That means you can’t rely on anybody but yourself.

前回の英語レッスンで “depend” を説明したけれど、「依存」がなくなれば「自由」になる。依存していないと言うことは、全て自分にかかってくる。

Price of freedom: 自由の代償

I have been an independent business owner. It is great that you don’t answer to anybody. But it is insecure that you don’t get regular paychecks.

Nobody tells you what to do, but nobody helps you at the same time.



Balance between dependency and freedom 自由と依存のバランス

Of course, it is impossible to be 100% self-sufficient in life. We rely on each other as long as we are the part of society. I think about the balance between dependency and freedom.


Hard to be completely free: 完全な自由は難しい

I love having cars. They give me freedom to go anywhere whenever I want.

But we have to depend on the supply of fuel, good roads and maintenance, let alone the manufacturing of the vehicle itself.




Small freedom: 小さな自由

There is small freedom as well. For example, I have been cutting my own hair for a long time. That means I don’t have to rely on hair stylists or anybody else. I am completely free!

小さな自由もある。例えば僕は昔から自分の髪を自分でカットする。 美容師さんやその誰にもに依存しなくていい。完全に自由なのだ。

It’s complicated: 複雑なのだ

Being free in this society is very complicated. From governmental issues like healthcare to individual and personal choices in life, we need to think deep beyond the ideas we are accustomed to, so we can live relatively free in the modern life.