Sound level in the forest: 森の中の音のレベル


It is generally quiet in the forest. Quietness is one of the reasons why people choose to live in rural places. But we hear some noises, especially during the day.


Jake Brake: ジェイク・ブレーキ

Diesel engines make this particular noise when they use this type of engine brake called “Jake brake”. As these log trucks go down the steep hills, very loud short bursts reverberate through the hills.


Logging operation noises: 森林伐採の騒音

The whining sound of chainsaw is deeply associated with the mountain living. Sometimes they are close enough to hear trees fall on the ground. And their operations to cut, collect, process and load timbers are loud and ominous.


And guns: そして銃声

People come to the mountains not only for hunting and shooting practice for hunting but also for recreational gun shooting. They use all sorts of guns including infamous AR-15, the semi-automatic rifle. Often modified to shoot like machine guns.


Overall noise level: 全体的な音のレベル


But naturally, in the mountains it is much quieter than in cities. When I go to cities I immediately notice the collective hum in the background which never stops. I sometimes wonder about the long term effects of ambient noise on minds and bodies.