True darkness is hard to find: 真っ暗闇はめずらしい


Another thing I like about mountain living is the darkness. Do you remember the last time you were in the total darkness?


Street lights: 街灯

We do not have any street lights around here. So you have to have a flashlight all the time. You will be amazed at how dark it can get.


Moonlight: 月明かり

You will notice the moon and its phases when there are no other lights. And it makes a big difference in visibility at night. A full moon night is like a daytime. Well, almost.


campfire and the moon

Starlight: 星明かり

Even stars make a difference. Starlight is hard to detect, but when there isn’t any moonlight, you do notice it.


Cloudy night: 曇った夜

When there is no moon, and it is cloudy, that’s when you experience the true darkness.

I sometimes walk right into things like a parked car. And sometimes I notice the difference in the sound of my footsteps when I was about to hit the side of the truck, managing to stop before I smack into the truck, leaving a couple of inches in front of my nose.

When one sense is deprived, in this case, the visual sense, other senses become sharpened, like your hearing and sense of smell–sometimes.





Primal darkness: 原始的な闇

I like feeling the night. The darkness can make you feel from somewhat uneasy to very relaxed. It is nice to think about things in the primal darkness like this to set your perspective.