[バンライフ] 自作キャンピングカー改造過程を紹介!

Homemade RV エッセイ
自作RV "Scruffy"

I wrote about our handmade RV, “Scruffy” in the previous post. This time, I would like to show you how I converted the box truck to RV in details.


before the conversion
改造前の状態 before the conversion

付け足した機能 Added features

I only added bare minimum functions because of the limited space and weight concern.

They are; bed, refrigerator, sink, cooking stove, table, bench seats, windows, ceiling ventilation fan, insulation, gray water tank, propane rack and auxiliary battery box.


ベッド、冷蔵庫、流し、調理コンロ、テーブル、椅子、窓、換気扇、断熱材、汚水タンク 、プロパンタンク収納庫、バッテリー 収納庫などだ。

壁を設置 Wall installation

First thing I did was to build a wall to separate the box to make the front part the living quarter and the back part the storage.

built the frame with angled steel and square pipes along with 2 x 2 lumber and plywood.



the partition wall
仕切りの壁 the partition wall

窓を両サイド、そして天窓を設置 Windows on the sides, ceiling fan

I had to cut the frame of the box in order to cut out windows. So I reinforced the opening with a metal frame. Then added a wood frame so I can install the windows.

I also cut an opening to install a ceiling fan that goes both ways.


cut out a window

断熱材:重要です Insulation: importand

It is very important for the comfort level to have insulation for both climate control and sound proofing. Sides of the box, the wall, the ceiling and the floor are all insulated.


insulation in the partition wall
で余分にあった物を使用 used an extra from another project

冷蔵庫 Refrigerator

I bought an RV refrigerator online. I had to design the frame and cut the openings for the exhaust and intake of the air as it runs on propane gas.

I also needed to make a rack for propane tank holder.



冷蔵庫のための開口部 The openings for the refrigerator
冷凍庫付き Freezer too

流し Sink

Putting a sink was easy but to think of the way to have a grey water tank was a challenge. I had to design and weld a special rack to put underneath of the truck.


普通の家用のダブルのものを切断 I cut the double sink in half

調理用コンロ Cooking Stove

The unit also run with propane. Again, I had to design and make the rack to accommodate the specification of the manufacturer.

I needed to be very careful connecting to propane as it can be dangerous.



cooking top
小さなオーブン付き With a small oven
propane tank rack
プロパン収納庫 Propane storage box

ベンチシートとテーブル Bench seats and a Table

It seems simple enough but in actually, to make furniture from scratch, I had to think how high they should be and relations between the table and the seats.


座席のクッション部も自作 Seats were handmade as well

ソーラーパネル Solar Panels

Endless power for lightings and a ceiling fan. I built an aluminum bracket to go on top of the truck. Also made an auxiliary battery box.


Solar panel
あと2枚ソーラーパネル設置可能 room for 2 more panels
charge control
充電制御 Solar charge control
Auxiliary batteries
外部バッテリー収納庫 Aux batteries box

トイレについて About toilet

We use compost toilet system. I need to have another post for this topic. I you managed it right, you can have a sustainable system that doesn’t pollute environment at all.



The hardest part of this process was to think and come up with your own plans to accommodate your specific needs. If you have questions, I may be able to give you some advices!